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View: Latest Newcastle buyout report from Athletic journo could be enough to rekindle Toon hopes

By | 11th November 2019

OPINION Let’s be frank, if you’re not fed up of persistent and ultimately fruitless rumours regarding Newcastle United and potential takeover attempts, then you very probably deserved to be canonised, because you have the patience of a saint.  Time and time again we have heard whispers, and time and time again those whispers have amounted to the square root of absolutely zilch, so […]


View: Newcastle 30y/o must surely heed advice from Sky pundit and force through Toon exit in Jan

By | 10th November 2019

OPINION Ever get the feeling you’ve outstayed your welcome? Some hints that it might be time to pack up your things and hit the road are subtler than others, but Steve Bruce’s decision to omit Jack Colback from his Premier League squad for the current campaign was about as inconspicuous as a house brick through […]


‘Absolutely useless’ – Many Newcastle fans slam ‘donkey’ who was ‘sleeping’ at HT v B’mouth

By | 9th November 2019

OPINION In some respects, you have to feel sorry for Joelinton. The Brazilian striker has struggled to have the impact that was initially expected of him since arriving at Newcastle United for a club record fee over the summer, and he endured a typically miserable first half against Bournemouth on Saturday afternoon. Initially, he looked sluggish to react to a potential […]


View: PL player compared to Beckham for latest display could be super Jan signing for Newcastle

By | 6th November 2019

OPINION Newcastle United target Reece James was in incredible form on Tuesday night when he came off the bench to help Chelsea earn a 4-4 draw against Ajax in the Champions League. The Sun reported last month that Steve Bruce was plotting a swoop to sign James, 19, on loan in the January transfer window […]

View: Many Newcastle fans would surely be buzzing if Sky pundit transfer premonition came true

By | 6th November 2019

OPINION With each passing week, it becomes clearer and clearer that the only certainty at St. James’ Park at the moment is uncertainty.  Newcastle United fluctuate wildly in the quality of their performance week on week, and it’s never obvious as to which Toon side is going to turn up. Last week against West Ham, they […]

View: Bruce ‘risk’ pays off big time v West Ham after Phil Thompson verdict on Newcastle 27y/o

By | 3rd November 2019

OPINION Where did that come from? Like Clark Kent transforming from bespectacled journalist into Superman, or like Hong Kong Fuey turning from a mild mannered janitor into a kung fu master, Newcastle United shedded the dreariness that has beset them for most of this season and played West Ham off of the park on Saturday. […]

View: Many Newcastle fans will surely be fuming over latest report on new Sunderland investors

By | 2nd November 2019

OPINION On balance, the state of football in the north east isn’t particularly great at the moment. With three clubs split across the top three leagues in the country, and with the highest of those threatened with relegation, nobody north of the Tees is having a particularly great time of things. Mired in the worst luck are […]

View: Latest Mike Ashley announcement on Newcastle plans surely has ulterior motive

By | 1st November 2019

OPINION With everything Mike Ashley does these days, it’s hard not to feel as if he has an ulterior motive for his actions.  The controversial Newcastle United owner has repeatedly shown himself to be opaque at best, and downright untrustworthy at worst. And so, every time something remotely positive comes out of the club, the knee jerk reaction is […]

View: Bob Moncur comment on Steve Bruce tenure surely sets worrying precedent for Newcastle

By | 1st November 2019

OPINION Steve Bruce’s tenure as Newcastle United manager has been something of an enigma so far.  For all of the disappointment – and there’s been a lot of it this season – there has been the odd flash of brilliance, or at least something close to it. The embattled wins over Manchester United and Tottenham showed that […]

‘Hidden in plain sight’, ‘Hauled over the coals’ – Many Newcastle fans react to Ashley accounts

By | 31st October 2019

OPINION At this stage, you almost have to applaud Mike Ashley. Twelve years into his stint as Newcastle United owner, with fans up in arms and his club struggling at the wrong end of the Premier League, he still finds new and novel ways to infuriate and antagonise. Long past the point that us mere mortals would have ran out of ideas, […]