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View: Protest update from Sky Sports journo surely shows what Newcastle fans need to do next

By | 18th July 2019

OPINION Half the time, when a group is trying to protest something, the hardest thing for them to do is get their voice heard by a wider audience.  They might be able to get up and running with a clear set of philosophies and aims, and they might even have some good early success with their campaign, but somewhere along the line […]


View: Michael Chopra claim on Saudi takeover attempt on Newcastle will surely have fans seething

By | 16th July 2019

OPINION This time a month ago, who would have thought that ex-Newcastle United star who was doing the most speak to against the Mike Ashley regime would be Michael Chopra? The former forward is, no offence to him, a relatively forgotten figure in the English game, and compared to other, more striking names, he perhaps doesn’t command the same instant respect as […]


‘Wow’, ‘Over the moon’ – Some Newcastle fans react to transfer report involving ex-Toon ace

By | 15th July 2019

OPINION If there’s on thing they love on Tyneside, it’s a good number nine – a striker capable of carrying a side on his shoulders, and of winning matches single-handedly with an errant piece of magic or a bolt from the blue. Sadly, those kind of players don’t grow on trees, and it had been a while since Newcastle United had one until last season. Then, out of […]


View: Latest cheeky tweet from Ant and Dec surely reveals Ashley’s biggest Newcastle achievement

By | 15th July 2019

OPINION There’s an old quote from legendary Liverpool manager Bob Paisley, born and raised in the small Durham mining village of Hetton-le-Hole, that sums up the north east’s relationship with the beautiful game perfectly.  The three time European Cup winning hero once described his home as a place where “coal was king, and football was a religion”. It’s hard to argue […]

‘Oh god’, ‘Farce’: Many Newcastle fans fume at report that shows Ashley is ‘legitimately insane’

By | 14th July 2019

OPINION Mike Ashley must be delighted right about now. Not only has he all but ensured another year at the helm of a club that, despite the hostility, continues to be a tidy little earner for him, but he has also managed to do so whilst ousting a world class manager and seemingly bringing in a lifelong Geordie who will, according to the Mirror, become […]

‘Wow’ – Some Newcastle fans react to comment from ex-Toon ‘legend’ who deserves ‘52,000 pints’

By | 14th July 2019

OPINION If you’d given a room full of Newcastle United fans an afternoon to sit and guess which of their former players would turn himself into a hero with some no nonsense social media comments and a frank exchange with Sky Sports reporter Pete Graves, how long do you think it would take them to land on Michael Chopra? Probably quite a while. The Toon […]

‘Wow’, ‘The exodus begins’ – Many Newcastle fans react to ‘depressing’ transfer report

By | 13th July 2019

OPINION It’s no exaggeration to say that Martin Dubravka is vital for Newcastle United. The big Slovakian arrived on Tyneside in January 2018 and immediately endeared himself to the Geordie faithful with his shot stopping heroics. He is reigning the North East Player of the Year for a reason, and his stats are seriously impressive. 50 league appearances have yielded 121 saves, 15 clean sheets, 23 sweeper clearances, […]

View: Change in circumstance could lead to unexpected comeback for ostracised Newcastle 29y/o

By | 13th July 2019

OPINION It’s very easy for players and managers to settle into patterns over a period of time.  Often, if a boss doesn’t warm to a player straight away, they can be ostracised at a club, and that in turn can lead to a spell on the outside looking in. In some cases, it can even […]

‘Rather stamp barefoot on an upturned plug ‘ – Some Newcastle fans fume at official tweet

By | 12th July 2019

OPINION It all could have been so different at Newcastle United this summer. If the club had managed to keep hold of Rafa Benitez, and if one of the several mooted takeover bids had come to fruition, then the Magpies would be going into the new season with the kind of wilful optimism that hasn’t been seen on Tyneside for many years. Instead, with the Spaniard gone, […]

View: Gough comment on ‘biggest problem’ with Newcastle takeover surely over-simplify issue

By | 10th July 2019

OPINION At this point, Newcastle United fans must be wishing that a good number of the pundits who are paid to discuss the plight of their club would just shut their mouths. Nobody knows better than the Toon Army just how desperate the situation on Tyneside is, and in many respects, the last thing they need is a talking head dissecting […]