Amanda Staveley says NUFC statement is “great news” – An irresponsible message & more false hope?

By | 31st July 2020

Amanda Staveley’s response to Newcastle’s statement on the Saudi takeover saga has been revealed live on talkSPORT earlier today – and it perhaps raises more questions than answers.

This morning, Lee Charnley said the following, addressing Mike Ashley’s stance on the situation and “100% commitment” to STILL sell to the Saudis:

“We acknowledge yesterday’s statement. Never say never, but to be clear Mike Ashley is 100% committed to this deal (sale). However our current focus must now be on supporting Steve Bruce in the transfer market and on the preparations for the new season.”

Prior to this, Staveley said she “didn’t wan’t to give up” on this NUFC takeover in an emotional interview with The Athletic’s George Caulkin.

Now, talkSPORT’s Jim White has shared a message he received this morning from the Yorkshire-born businesswoman, in response to Charnley’s statement – which dropped the “never say never” hint and revealed Ashley’s “commitment” to salvaging this £300m deal with the Saudis:

“That is great news.”

If Jim White is to be believed, this was her response before heading into another court case with Barclays this morning.

The club’s statement suggests this deal isn’t quite dead and buried and this alleged response from Staveley hints at a willingness to get it back on track if there’s any chance of resurrecting it, however this feels irresponsible and all too raw.

For me, this doesn’t help. We’re trying to come to terms with the devastating news, so any form of false hope is just dangerous now. Who knows if there is the tiniest glimmer, but I don’t want to even allow myself to believe again after yet another false dawn.

After all, we’re barely even 24 hours on from the crushing announcement. To toy with our emotions even further will only open the door to more hurt.

It’s the hope that kills you…and we’ve had 4 months of it.

It was a dangling carrot that allowed us to dream not only of a world without Mike Ashley, but a Newcastle United freed from its chains and back competing again.

One day I’m sure we’ll get our club back, but unless there is genuinely a way for this to be sorted out (and I can’t see how that happens anytime soon given the nature of this Saudi saga!), I don’t think it’s fair to relight a four-month flame we’ve just been told to pour cold water over.

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